As a child I had a dream:
to create the most beautiful house in the world…

I had two great strokes of luck in my life; to be born in Italy and to travel to many different countries.

In 1975 my friend Robert sent me to do my first job in Saudi Arabia and then in 1977 to Hong Kong: two places which influenced deeply both the course of my life and my professional life.

I started with buildings: creating new ones or restructuring old ones, always following a single guideline: harmony and respect for both culture and environment, with a single purpose: beauty.

But it was not sufficient just to work on the structures: to give soul to the buildings  I had to also consider what was around and within them.

From here on, I paid more and more attention to interior design and furnishing, the architecture of gardens and water, with one firm belief: luxury and refinement are not made up of ostentation, but of an equilibrium of shapes and preciousness of materials, in a single word, elegance.

That is how I arrived today, together with other friends and professionals, at the Officina Della Scala, a group which joins their common roots – which are set in the best of italianness, in the creativity, the culture of our country – paying attention to internationalism and openness to other cultures; who join seriousness and love of their own work to unending curiosity, the first step to innovation and continuous research.

From the hardest and rawest of materials to the softest and most refined, we put the same passion and care into creating something which is not just a simple office, shop. Bank, hotel or home but a place where one feels well, where one lives well, because life’s quality is created also where we spend our time working, relaxing, living.

Surfing through this website, containing only some of my works carried out throughout the years (many being private residences have not been included here for reasons of privacy), i believe my aim has been achieved.

There is another indispensable and fundamental element in our work: the commissioner, because it is he who, besides his concrete need has the dream that we fulfill, interpreting and translating into shape and material that which he desires.

I have sought out the excellence of this country, the best of those who i have known over forty years of professional life, to involve them in this ambitious project.

Architects, designers, but also artinsans in stone and marble, wood, woodcarving, glasswork, fabrics, iron and steel and then large italian companies which are worldwide leaders.

I thank all my partners for having believed once again in me and for having welcomed this project enthusiastically.

It will be a great adventure.

Perhaps the greatest ever taken on up to now…
And perhaps i may fulfill the dream i still have: to create the most beautiful building in the world. Yours.


Giorgio Pozzi




Think, create and build houses, buildings, spaces that can tell and communicate beauty and elegance with balance and harmony, valuing specific needs and personality of each single client, with the aim of making concrete our clients’ dreams and aspirations to see completed works of extraordinary uniqueness.




Officina della Scala has as its crucial point a very strong system of values, which focuses on ethics, morality and customer respect.


We are able to create wealth, beauty and safety for people working there and for the hosting community.


We are aimed to pursue happiness and full satisfaction of tour customers’ needs and dreams, believing that the key of success steps through the search for an intense dialogue, personal involvement and harmony between requests and desires.


We are focused on creating spaces and buildings that can enhance the environment in harmony with people.


We are constantly looking for process and product innovation.


Value Proposition

We design and furnish villas, offices, private homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes (Horeca) showroom and yachts.


We develop design projects and custom made solutions, providing a synthesis of all the elements that make up a building: the support structure, operation, comfort, materials, natural light.


We create unique and innovative products, using high quality materials (marble, aluminum, iron, steel, wood), worked with cutting-edge production and assembly techniques.


We have many years of experience in the design and implementation of events, in Italy and abroad, that are focused on the t Made in Italy excellence in many industrial sectors, through the development and promotion of works and products with the “Italian touch” of refinement , elegance and perfection.


We are a key partner of the customer, to whom we guarantee at every phase of work – from design to implementation – the involvement and coordination of numerous and excellent companies and craftsmen. From time to time they are chosen in line with customer specific needs and requests.


We stand out for our unique ability to combine creativity, customization and executive management of the project, in ever detail, offering customers unique forms, materials and innovative production techniques.